Northbound funds sweeping stocks for 5 consecutive days-dumping Wuliangye over 400 million plus warehouses

Northbound funds sweeping 成都桑拿网 stocks for 5 consecutive days: Wuliangye sold over 400 million of these stocks

Northbound funds swept the goods for 5 consecutive days, selling Wuliangye over 400 million U.S. dollars, adding to these stocks 丨 Bull and Bear Eye On September 4, Northbound funds again had a clear net inflow of 56.

9.7 billion yuan, the fifth consecutive day of net inflows, of which, the Shanghai Stock Connect net inflow of 50.

7.8 billion yuan, net inflow of Shenzhen Stock Connect 6.

1.8 billion.

  After-hours data showed that China Merchants Bank, Gree Electric, and Ping An of China each received a net purchase of more than 300 million, and Wuliangye net sold more than 400 million.

  In addition, consumer electronics leader Hudian shares, Goertek shares daily limit in late trading today, foreign speculation is very active, Shenzhen Stock Connect bought Hudian shares1.

100 million and sold 1.

6.7 billion yuan, bought Goertek shares 2.

2.4 billion and sold 1.

7.2 billion.

  Looking at the flow of northbound funds, northbound funds today continued to increase the stocks of pharmaceutical stocks represented by Hengrui Medicine and WuXi AppTec, and the home appliance stocks represented by Gree Electric Appliances and Midea Group.Liquor stocks.

  Shanxi Securities believes that in the medium and long term, the equity market has undergone adjustments in time length deviations, internal and external risk factors have been released to a certain extent, and emotional shocks have been digested and eased to a certain extent.Margin of safety has improved.

Therefore, investors can consider a moderate increase in attention to A-share assets, but they still need to continue to pay attention to the potential impact of dynamic changes in the economy, policies and surroundings on the A-share market.

  Looking ahead, Chuancai Securities Research Report pointed out that growth and consumption are still the main focus of attention.

Under the current international indicators, independent research and development of pharmaceuticals, independent controllability of semiconductors, multi-point development of localized operating systems, multi-dimensional drivers for the development of emerging industries, continue to be optimistic about investment opportunities in technology stocks in emerging markets.

In terms of large consumption, the structural investment opportunities in the liquor industry are obvious, the market demand for high-end liquor has broken through, and reform measures such as price increases and self-employment have progressed smoothly, and the industry’s performance is more certain.

Looking closely at the performance of the liquor industry, the liquor industry opened a high-growth model in the off-season and a high base in the second quarter, which drove the sub-high-end liquor to start dazzling performance.

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