Unfortunate business brush, fry, Tianjin, the first ticket

  Tianjin Northern Network News: Good comment like the tide shop, is it really good? As everyone knows that some operators hire net red-fry stores, hire net red shops, build net red shops, net red dishes, disrupt market competition environments, and deceive consumers. A few days ago, the Tianjin Market Supervision Comprehensive Administrative Law Corps opened a penalty on the single behavior of the brush, which is the first time to give a penalty for the fire-fighting letter of the brush single company.

  It is reported that the inclusion of the unscrupulous merchants of three organizations that have been fined for 3 ordered a penalty of 150,000 yuan is given a penalty of 150,000 yuan. The market supervision department said that the fleet speculation is not advisable, and only the quality of service can be favored by consumers.

  Market regulators reminded that they have earned their attention to food supervisors from the media people as food discovery.

But the exploration shop must comply with the initial heart and use truthfully.

Some of the net red vs. In order to earn the merchant commission, it is true that the falseness is true. It is a violation of the law. It is even more likely to use malicious to disperse to extort the extortion. Own.

(Jin Yun news editor Sun Chang).

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