Tips for 3 days without washing your hair or oil

Tips for 3 days without washing your hair or oil

Hair always loves oil and is washed every day, but how can I keep my hair from oiling when I want to travel?

Xiao Bian teaches you to use a simple technique to change your perfect hairstyle even if you do n’t wash your hair or oil for 3 days!

  DAY1 is ready to go!

Use an electric roll stick as the base to prevent the hair from falling out on day 2 and day 3, which will cause the hair to collapse. It is recommended to use curls as the base for the first day.

  How to use TO1.

Hair is curled inside and outside with a base, and the hair is divided into two areas at will. Inside curl + outside curl MIX to create a soft and soft feeling with no hypertension.

Grasping the roots of the hair to become fluffy will make your fingers deeper into the hair roots to loosen the curl, the curl will become natural, and the feeling of hair volume will also increase.

After the fixed radiance is not deformed and the curl is fixed, gently follow the spray with your fingers to strengthen the curl at the end of the hair and improve the scalp oily condition!

Dry-cleaning hair + blown up against the wind makes the roots stand up, and the hair is easy to collapse and difficult to make as soon as it comes out of the hair!

The clever use of dry-cleaning divergent sprays can solve the shine in one fell swoop, and with the blowing and finishing technique, it can be fluffy and soft like just after washing without washing your hair.

  Only for lazy people!

The savior of oily scalp?
Dry clean hair Dry hair contains natural minerals or silica. Spraying on the scalp can absorb excess oil, leaving the hair fresh and fragrant, creating a plump and radiant hair just after washing the hair.

  How to use TO1.

Layer the hair and spray dry clean the hair. Use a clip to partition the hair and spray it on the scalp. 2

Dry-clean hair is sprayed directly on the root of the hair, directly directed at the root of the hair, and the excess oil on the scalp is absorbed by spraying3.

Spray the hair in layers and spray from the outer layer to the inner layer, spraying while spraying, and make sure that each layer is sprayed to 4.

After spraying, loosen the root of the hair and wait for 1 minute after spraying. Use your fingers to penetrate the root of the hair to loosen the flat hair and soften the hair.

In addition to dry hair, blown against the original growth direction of the hair can also make the hair fluffy. By blowing the hair roots with hot air from the hair dryer, you can have an unexpected fluffy feeling without using fluffy powder.

  How to use TO1.

Comb counter-comb to create a sense of creativity First comb the comb to loosen the slumped hair, then smooth the hair to smooth the hair 2.

The hair section is blown up against the wind to pull the hair up, blow it in the opposite direction, and the hair is naturally fluffy after the hair root is slender3.

Insert your fingers into the root of your hair, insert your five fingers into the root of your hair, and move back and forth to loosen the back of your head.

It seems that the fluffy feeling just after washing can not see the sticky fluffy hair, it is like the light air feeling that the hair is dried after shampooing.

Full fringe + hair, freshness score!

  When the hair is severely oily, combing it all up is the only solution!

There must be no bangs. First of all, let the forehead be clear. In addition to the nausea of super oil bangs, it may even cause an acne crisis.

  Style 1.

The air is soft and soft. The bangs above the eyebrows are clamped backwards in a twisting way. The secret is to push forward when you clamp, to create an airy feeling!

  How to use TO1.

Between the eyebrows, the bangs are twisted upwards, and the hair bundle in the middle of the eyebrows is twisted upwards, twisted from the inside out, and then clamped upwards, and the small black clips are used to fix the vertical bangs.Push Style2 forward.

Cleanliness When you want to collect your fringe, your hair ring is definitely the best helper, but you must not put your head back. You need to leave some space above your head to avoid rigidity.

  How to use TO1.

Put on the hair ring to close the fringe. The fringe is fixed with a loose hair loop to create a refreshing and clean feeling2.

In order to avoid the bangs from collapsing too much, grab a few strands of hair behind the hair ring to loosen the fluff.

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