After the blizzard, the farmers and herdsmen actively disaster relief – Xinhuanet Inner Mongolia Channel

  The sudden blizzard, giving the eight flag counties in Tongliao City, and the farmers and herdsmen of 81 Sumu towns have caused different levels of loss.The largest snowfall in Zarutu flag appears in Uliji Mu Yang, reaching millimeter.At 5 o’clock in the morning of November 5, Uli Ji Mu Suku Baixin Tuangchao Charm Bai Yun and his family began to clean, eradicate the snow in the hospital and cowshed.

The Sumu government and the investigators rushed to Bai Yun Chunjia in a timely manner, and learned in the disaster situation of his family and helped him contact the forage.

  In response to this snow, Uliji Mu Tumi’s party cadres and the masses have rescued self-rescue, with 33 small forklifts, 3 large boots.

Each Village also quickly dispatched snow emergency protection personnel, cleansing road snow, and safeguarded roads.

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