Weight loss crush can wear high heels stovepipe

Weight loss crush can wear high heels stovepipe

In fact, wearing high heels is also learned, if you wear the right, you can also achieve the effect of the stovepipe trimming leg type!

So beautiful, don’t hurry to try.


hzh {display: none; }  瘦腿的小妙招   瘦腿之前我们还是先来做些有助于瘦腿的小妙招吧,这样做对于你利用穿高跟鞋来瘦腿会有更大的帮助哦!   Tightening the thighs: The subcutaneous sputum in the thigh area is easy to accumulate and slack, and is thicker than above. The reason why the thigh is easy to be thick is that the muscles of the thigh are not developed enough, and the skin is slightly soft and soft.

Fully exercise the muscles of the thighs, exercise more, work hard on your thighs, and then fully massage to slowly improve the troubles of the thick thighs.

  Improve calf microcirculation: Method 1: In fact, if you want to thin your calves, first check if your calf muscles are slack or tight.

If the muscles are tight, it will be more difficult to lose weight.

So the primary transition leg plan begins with a loose, firm calf fat.

You can sit on the ground on weekdays, raise one foot to a right angle, apply a slimming product that promotes microcirculation, tightens the skin and eliminates fat, and beats the calf with a fist, or massage with the palm, each side can do 10 minutes.

  Method 2: Raise the leg before going to bed, put it at a right angle of 90 degrees, put it on the top, rest for twenty or thirty minutes and then put it down, which will lead to blood circulation in the legs and reduce swelling of the feet.

  Method 3: When on holiday, do not hinder the use of bath salts on the market or plant essential oils with accelerated blood circulation into the bathtub, soak a stovepipe.

In order to allow the essential oil to be quickly absorbed by the skin, take a small dish, pour 5 ml of vegetable base oil, add two or three drops of the essential oil you want, then pour it into the palm and apply it evenly on the skin.It is best to have a feeling of fever in order to promote circulation, accelerate the burning of the guy, and eliminate the effects of excess meat.

  The advantage of wearing high-heeled shoes is often worn by women in high-heeled shoes. When walking in high-heeled shoes, they are consciously and unconsciously corrected. Even when they take off their high-heeled shoes, they feel relatively graceful when they walk.

Moreover, ladies wearing high heels have few extra meat in their legs, which are slender and beautiful.

These are all tempered by the hard work of wearing high heels.

In fact, it is hard work: wearing high-heeled shoes not only corrects the posture, maintains the body shape, but also can be aligned with the excess of the legs to prevent excess regeneration of the legs, and the hard work and troubles caused by simple weight loss is absolutely no less than wearingHigh heels.

And when you should lose weight yourself, I am afraid that your posture can no longer be complimented.

  Small s: high-heeled shoes stretched leg-shaped body posture small s classic wear is a small skirt, so that you can show your legs, and her exercise method is often slow.

Small s believes that you can lie on the bed every day to do some small exercises to raise the waist and stretch your legs, or to wear slow-fit high-heeled shoes, which are good for stretching legs and correct posture.

  Wear high heels and stovepipe 诀窍a.

Put on high heels, the upper body is straight (pay attention to the posture, do not lean forward or back), inhale the lower abdomen, stop the gas in the chest position.


With the strength of the thigh, gently raise the thigh and drive the calf forward to step forward.

Remember that the thighs must be lifted up so that the pace is not heavy and tired, but simply light.


When striding on the ground, remember not to use the heel or toe to land, it is correct to use the “part of the foot plate” to land.

This not only causes the pressure on the legs to be relieved when walking, but also the courtesy of wearing high heels, so that the unpleasant noise generated by the heel strikes is minimized.


When the two feet interact, they do not have to be in a straight line, as long as the feet move naturally forward.

Both hands relax and hang down, naturally swinging, and it looks very generous.

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