The car is passing through Pingyang Town**Time,Xia Jian invisibly slowed down,Did not expect this slowdown,He saw Tong Jie。Tong Jie is just from the town**Come out of the door,When she saw Xia Jian,Beckoned。

At this time the sky just turned on,With a hazy feeling。Xia Jian stopped the car,Then asked loudly:“What’s wrong, Mayor Tong?Are you going to the city?”
Tong Jie came over,He pulled Xiajian’s car and got in。She laughed and said:“What do you mean now?Does it feel like I’m gonna stick to you?”
“Do not make jokes,how could be?Where are you going so early?”Xia Jian quickly changed the topic,Because in this matter,It’s not clear at all。
Tong Jie glanced at Xia Jian,Hehe smiled and said:“I’m tired of eating breakfast in the cafeteria,I want to go to town to buy some back,I didn’t expect to read the wrong time。When I want to go back,I didn’t expect your car to get off。You are wrong!It should be the newlywed Yaner,Why so early…”
“Damn!lets change a topic,I’m a bit hungry too,You bring me some too!”Xia Jian said impatiently。
Tong Jie smiled and said:“look at you,What kind of breakfast do you have without washing your face?。go!Go to my room and wash my face,Rinse your mouth again”
Xia Jian hesitated,So he parked the car on the side of the road。Then he jumped out of the car and followed Tong Jie into the town**The door。
Xia Jianyi leaves Pingyang Town,Tong Jie moved in the house he used to live in。Although this house is a bungalow,But very quiet,It feels like a detached house。
Xia Jianyi walked into the door,There is a familiar feeling。
The clothes hanging in the room are all women’s,But the overall layout has not changed。Xia Jian suddenly thought about living here again。
“sit down!You can finally come to the room you lived in,I thought,You won’t come in this life。Remember when you lived here before,I will never forget”Tong Jie said,So I poured some hot water into the washbasin for Xia Jian。
Then open the small cabinet,Took out a new toothbrush from inside,Then find out toothpaste,I squeezed a bit on it and said:“There are paper cups on the table,Brush your teeth,I’m going to buy breakfast now”
“Is it a bit too early??”Xia Jian said softly。
Tong Jie glanced at his watch and said:“Past six o’clock,Should be almost there。Since you are hungry,Then I’ll be there soon”Tong Jie finished,Really turned away。
Xia Jian from Tong Jie,As if I saw her again。I remember when I worked here before,Tong Jie is by his side,It’s really a run before and after the horse,Unfortunately…
Thought of here,Xia Jian dare not think about it anymore。He quickly washed his face,Then I started brushing my teeth。This brushing,Wash your face,The whole person suddenly became more energetic。

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