even,There is also an exciting meaning of videody, and there is also a filled.。

“IEQAll right!Can kill skate shoes。”
This is fromdobPlayertian,It is also the sound of the actors of the emperors in the field.。
Next moment,A military flag shining with glory,Since the body of the skateboard。
Follow,The act of the emperor is almost re-changed in instantaneous。
The action that throwing the army,Subsequently becomes a moving action。
This wave……tianThe shot is not ascended,The timing of http://www.szkjuzjnlpddyn.cn catching is also very old spicy。
He flies in a skateboardAShot,And then determined the flatAAfter the jumping point,I only sent the army.,Then pick up the top of the sky。
So much in mind,He is to kill,No chance to show the skateboard。
The emperor’s figure suddenly rushed forward,Whizzed,It seems that the battle between him represents the glory of glory.。
but……Suddenly forward,But it suddenly found。
I originally jumped into half air,Should no way to move slide shoes。
It is at this time.,Take a hair again,CompareAGreat and sharp black spears。
then,Go to the not far away from Ryz thrown。
Sharp piercing into the body of Ruz,Put his blood,Also let the black spear on him will increase one。
but……These are not the ultimate。
the most important,It is skateboard shoes after this spear,Opportunity again!http://www.galoptech.cn
Originally in half air,Skateboard shoes that are completely unmoved。
After this long spear,The body has once again moved again.。
finally,Skateboard shoes wipe the emperor’s body。
Distance between them,Rearing to skateboard shoes can smell the glory of the war。
but,Even if you are away from the distance。The emperor still can’t hit the skaters.。
FlatboardAafter this,Continue to output the emperor output in the front battlefield。
Tum and blind,Tumm’s blood is already in jeopardy。
As for blind,He is not the one that is just being fired.。
Give up in the emperor,Choose a few seconds after Ruz。
Blind skill,Also almost touched http://www.xiahuazhongxue.cnthis time。
directWAbove the body of the skateboard,The battle will also be rewritten after this。
handed inEQDid not hit the skateboard,Still kicked away,The emperor can say that it is lost.。
Ruz,Blood volume is half blood,There is also a black spear on the body.。
at the same time,His skills are almost empty.。

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