First342chapter River Fairy
Bai Qin’an、Wen Mengru is stepping on two white flying swords at the moment,They volleyed under this horrible scene,Small as the two most inconspicuous moths。
Nashan Fairy Ghost,Like a god,It ignores the so-called heroes who make birds and beasts escape,It directly broke a peak above Guangshan,And then raised it high on the arm,Smashed towards the remaining palace of Guangshan Zizonglin!
Guangshan Zizonglin shattered with this Guangshan,Together with the Guanglin town at the foot of the mountain, it also suffered。
Countless rocks,Rolled down with great strength along the collapsed mountain,A boulder,You can flatten all the houses on a street……
The mountain is not humid,It’s not a huge amount of sand,But piece after piece of hard and heavy rock,Even if there are many practitioners gathered in the town,,They were crushed to pieces!!
The mountain fairy still stands in Guangshan,Its body is almost flush with this mountain,Ghost Moon,Dim starlight,Vast sky、The boundless land is a bit narrow for such gods and demons,Not to mention the creatures struggling in this mundane world!
“leave here。”Bai Qin’an’s face is extremely pale,She has never seen anything more evil than this,Strong enough to be no different from a real god。
Bai Qin’an and Wen Mengru are lucky,When they leave with flying swords,That mountain ghost is already killing,The so-called Jun-level is not much different from ordinary birds in the slaughter of the mountain fairy ghost.。
Bai Qin’an and Wen Mengru are like two moths slipping away between the fingers of a behemoth,Survival is not because of how fast they are,How far did you escape,Just too humble,It’s just that the mountain fairy is staring at other places!
Two people lost their souls,I can’t even remember which way I fled。
Wen Meng is like double pupils without god,The moment I saw the true face of the mountain fairy,Some of her ideas have been completely subverted。

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This was deliberately proposed by Qin Xibei,But looking at Jiang Yan like this,Qin Feng’s heart is really uncomfortable。This was deliberately proposed by Qin Xibei,But looking at Jiang Yan like this,Qin Feng’s heart is really uncomfortable。

“No way。”Qin Feng’s words just fell,Jiang Yan immediately refused。 ““Wife,You think,You hated me so much when you first met me,All women,She will hate me too,I will deliberately piss her off