“Ah!watch out!”Yue Island suddenly,A scissors arms are smashed in the left and right sides of the scorpion cheeks.。http://www.sushidelivery.cn

“Not your question, is you won??I let you feel the pain,Help you recognize the reality。”Qingdao deer said。
“Reason,You don’t hurt this……”
“Ah!”Like being ridicied“Touch”Same,Qingdao deer fruit is really heavy。
“what about now?”
Koho’s eyes closed,I feel that I feel like it.。
Spring night is unique to air,Stars fly in the sky,Mingming City Center is so far away from yourself,But you seem to be able to hear their cheers.。
There is also a slightly spicy……Puppet pain。
“Um,I really hurt now.。”
“Look,I said it is true.……and many more,what are you doing,Put me down!”Qingdao Dead suddenly was held in half of it,The whole person is rotated。
“Well,I am hurt.,You can’t say this.?”Koho said with a smile。
“Oh!sorry,sorry!Just now!I’m wrong!”Qingdao deer shouts the limbs and horses,“I love you!I love you,This is okay.?”
“OK,This is almost joined.。”After the original ground is rotated after a dozen laps,Koi Languo puts the sunny island.。
He also began to dizzy,I don’t know if it is too long.,Still something else。
Everything under the moment,That’s it,Beautiful to be intoxicated。
“Science。”Shi Xin’s voice sounded,Everyone automatically separates a road。
Cheering people suddenly stopped,Dedicated to the stone,Like a coronation of a new king。
Shi Xin came to the science,Like there is a thousand words,It’s like just a look of a look.。
For a long time,He solemnly opens:“you,Already chess。”
http://www.qmysl.cn “I,Already chess。”The science is nodded.,Accept this top crown。
Under the moonlight,Corona moved to the balcony of Jing Xuan Temple,Come to outdoor。
outdoor,Hill Mountain Sea,There are countless lights in the courtyard of Jing Xuan Temple.,Become hundreds of bouquets have gathered here。
Mirror and flash,Let the discipline stand in the center of the world stage。
A white chess piece is held by the law.,Hold up the sky。
“I,Already chess!”He announced to the whole world。
The star of the star is surging below him.,The gate of the new era started in the light。
Chess work
Fifteenth chapter · This book has arrived at the station.
Destiny star is still rotating,It hangs the highest place in the world,Splendom star rotates around it,Reciprocate,Endless life。
The sound of the empty noise sounds,The turn is http://www.htdxkeji.cnthe last season of the summer,There is only a embers in the sun。
Haneda Airport,Kohung walked down the plane,The familiar scenery is present in front of him.,There is also a unique sea breeze in Tokyo。
“Yo,long time no see。”Qingdao is a mouth,Waiting at the exit of the airport。
“In fact, it will be three months.,Just put a summer vacation.。”Corona puts the sunglasses in the upper,Action is extraordinary。
“I have never heard of three months of summer vacation.。”Qingdao deer is somewhat unrestrained,A curved round appeared on the cheek(shape。
“what happened?这么不开心,意思是我三个月不在,让你觉得被冷落了很不爽咯?”

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