And leaf knife,Li Tianzhen’s delay in Nangar Temple was not short,Actually can’t sense the existence of leaf knife,I don’t know what the old evildoer used to hide,Losing this weapon when rushing to Dala Mountain is undoubtedly missing a safety barrier,Must find it back,Think about it,But there is no feasible way。

Mount Grada has collapsed,It is extremely difficult to get into the belly of the mountain,And breaking into the territory of the old evildoer alone is also a risky thing,Among these believers,Not to mention how many guardians and preachers are still hidden,These endless eyes and ears alone are overwhelming,Speak without exaggeration,Every believer is eyes and ears,Can also become an old evildoer’s ultimate move at any time。
Li Tianzhi can kill guardians and preachers without any scruples,You can also kill any monsters in the Beilu captivity without any psychological obstacles,But he can’t deal with ordinary creatures without magical powers,But the other way around,These fanatical and ignorant followers dealt with him without any psychological scruples。
If the god golden puppet of the Fire Palace is not lost,There is still a way to find,Who would have thought that all night battles would be reimbursed?,Yuwen seeks common ground as if knowing,Will you come back alive again??
Li Tianzhen laughed in surprise,He only cares about Xiao Songhe‘Mane rat’,I don’t know if Qilin Beast and Toad brought them to a safe place.,I can’t feel it in these mountains right now,He urgently needs to get in touch with them at this moment。
It’s a pity that the instructor gave him the phone,He decided to put aside the old evildoer first,At least find a mobile phone before talking,Supernatural powers,It seems that there is no such magical modern means of communication,This may be the unique advantage of the mortal world,Technology,Even god,Can’t understand。
The instructor drove all night,Actually haven’t got out of Yunnan Province,There is no way,Night driving,Mountain road again,Bumpy,It’s a blessing not to fall into the ditch,He only brought two good players,All elites,Even Guo Yuxi’s deputy Sheng Guangda lent it to him。
Three people driving in wheels,It’s just a little better than a snail,At this rate,It is estimated that it will take until night to reach Kanghong in northeastern Sichuan。
But during the temporary rest,The instructor received‘Pigeon’’S phone,The spot on behalf of Kwon Heung Guk has begun to move,Has left Kanghong,Thinking about moving southwest,high speed。
“Did you call Xingguo??”
“Can’t get through,Always out of service area,The satellite phone is off,I feel weird。”
“You continue to monitor closely,Every twenty minutes,We have a phone call。”The instructor looked at the clouds and mist in the rugged mountains,My mood also seems to be clouded with a layer of gray,“and also,Keep looking for the walker,Once he finds his signal,Notify me immediately。”
Closed the line,The instructor has an ominous feeling,Although Quan Xingguo is stubborn,,But also a foreign worker,Experience,Very organized, disciplined and sensitive,Turn off satellite phones for no reason,And Xie Zhihai and Ma Yuan beside him are not dumb,There must be something unexpected,Even worse。
The three hurriedly rested for a few minutes before hitting the road again,What lingers in the instructor’s mind is the gray robe、A middle-aged man with a weird face,Gives a sense of elusive and dangerous。

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“Ah!watch out!”Yue Island suddenly,A scissors arms are smashed in the left and right sides of the scorpion cheeks.。“Ah!watch out!”Yue Island suddenly,A scissors arms are smashed in the left and right sides of the scorpion cheeks.。

“Why?”Corporation。 “Not your question, is you won??I let you feel the pain,Help you recognize the reality。”Qingdao deer said。 “Reason,You don’t hurt this……” “Ah!”Like being ridicied“Touch”Same,Qingdao deer fruit is really heavy。