Da Jiangdong | Match the truth, from the Yangtze River Triangle "Cut" list

The hundred strong enterprises are "excellent students". The leader is "sharp", and its operating performance is good, the pulling force is obvious. In terms of business income, 3 Alibaba, Hengli Group, Zhejiang Rongsheng, etc. have increased billions of dollars, the growth rate reached%, accounting for more than one-third of the increase in the growth of the Yangtze River Triangle; China’s net profit, China Baowu, Zhejiang Rongsheng, Zhongyuan Shipping and other three companies increase billions of dollars, the growth rate reached%, longer than three times longer than three times. The lifting intervensive industry structure improves this released long-range hundred strong list, covering 32 industries, and 2020 growth rate differentiation is more obvious.

From the perspective of business income, the Internet service industry, the chemical fiber industry continuously maintains rapid growth, the automotive and spare parts industry have declined, real estate, construction industry and black metallurgy growth, and the bank insurance industry has increased.

In short, most of these industries will continue to maintain such trends in 2021, and this trend will inevitably change the long triangle industry structure. Zhang Petrong, director of the Shanghai Enterprise Consultation Research Department, believes that from the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the Yangtze River Delta industry structure will have changed, the growth rate of emerging industries is faster, and the top 100 accounts will gradually improve, mature industry growth It will tend to develop smoothly, and the top volume is reduced.

Among them, under the government strengthen supervision, standard development conditions, the Internet service industry will develop healthy and orderly, with core competitiveness and characteristic Internet service companies will remain rapidly increased; the integrated circuit industry is in a large number of wide-ranging stages. The industry concentration is relatively low, and a few large enterprises are in business income to 40 billion models, but these head companies are in a high-speed growth cycle. In the future, the Yangtze River Bank will appear in the Yangtze Rivers and the Yangtze Medicine; Biological Medicine and The medical device industry is closely related to medical consumption demand. The probability of large rises is not high. It is expected to maintain steadily growth; high-end equipment, the aircraft and parts manufacturing, marine project will also increase with demand; new energy automobile business High-speed growth has played the structural role of adjusting the industry product product, and the automotive industry will enter the stage of steady development; the financial industry will also be the case. The development of black metallurgy, chemical fiber and other industries is relatively mature, and the cyclicality is also relatively strong, and will be developed in accordance with market demand.

According to expectations, under policy guidance, market demand is strong, investment enthusiasm is high, and the high growth rate of emerging industries will continue to maintain, and after five or six years, the industrial structure of the Yangtze River 100 will have a big improvement. Currently, the long triangle is in a critical period of the industrial level, it is the responsibility and glory of large enterprises, seize opportunities, seize opportunities, and promote development. The Yangtze River Delta is pretending to the first machine in the crisis. In the case of the change in the new bureau, attacking the difficulties, innovative and developing the uncertainty of the uncertainty of the environments of the environments, will be created in the new situation of high-quality development in the decline.

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