Accelerate the "digital Nujiang" construction to improve the level of information

In order to delve into the important thinking of the general secretary of the Internet, General Secretary, General Secretary, Accelerate the Construction of "Digital Nujiang", Yunnan Province, Nujiang Prefecture, more, multi-management, actively integrate the information development overall situation, earnestly increase the masses, and feel happy. On the basis of strict implementation of the "People’s Republic of China Network Safety Law" The Information Security Level Protection Management Measures " "The 14th Five-Year Plan" Industrial and Information Technology Development Plan "provides a good network environment for the economic and social development of the whole state.

In the first half of 2021, 93 5G base stations were built in Nujiang State, 144 4G base stations, accumulated 5G network construction investment of 17.68 million yuan, 4G network construction investment of 15.42 million yuan. Up to now, Nujiang State has built 270 5G base stations, with a total length of 60,981 leather, which is a good bureau for Nujiang "new infrastructure". Solidly promoting the "one mobile phone to do" operation, as an important starter of "discovery" "Internet + government service", accumulating 64571 times, and surviving about 670,000 people. Promote "Pocket Office, Fingertid Office", and enter the platform in 161 approval departments and 5135 service matters. The 4366 items are accepted in the first half of the year.

Explore the online service service, April this year "Zhuhai Hengqin – Nujiang" cross-provincial all-in-one self-service terminal officially opened, successfully realized 112 matters in the two places, very convenient for the masses, digital government governance ability . Improve the "one mobile phone tour Yunnan" Nujiang section, continue to improve the application of smart scenes, go online, 9 scenic business cards, 25 boutique routes, 101 hotels, 2 honest select enterprises, 2 wisdom parking and 448 seats Toilet and other information, open 4 scenic spots in the Nujiang First Bay.

Built into the first tourist scenic spot in Nujiang State (Dragon River Scenic Area), the smart management system reservation platform, initially completed the smart transformation of Xiaobushang Service Area.

Actively promote the use of "a mobile phone to pay for the low guarantee", and the cumulative line should pay 266 odds.

According to the "one picture of a web", complete the Nujiangzhou River (Lake) long-made information management platform, and the Jiangzhou river is patrolling the construction of the Lake mobile phone APP construction. Through the "Internet +" tourism, the information management is continuously improved, and the number of public services in Nujiang State is continuously improved.

Next, Nujiang State will continue to speed up the "New Infrastructure" basic support, and strive to cultivate digital economic new movability, innovate to create a government information management system, and improve the level of public resources in the whole state.

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