Benefiting from the entrance to innovation medicine to accelerate landing benefits

[] Do you have "into the Bo Baby"? At the 4th China International Import Expo, 70,000 square meters of medical devices and medical and health exhibition areas, healthy customs make people’s eyes.

Among them, some benefits from the entrance, accelerating the innovative drugs that have accelerated landing in the Chinese market.

  What is the "Bao Bao" by the foreign medicine and Jinjin music, what is it? Introduction to people from multinational pharmaceutists, some are in China to gain innovative drugs in China, more is to benefit from the "exhibits" effect of "exhibits", and accelerate in China after entering the exhibition. Innovative medicine.

  Usually, the exhibitors will bring the previous "Bo Baby" to the next "returning home" to form a benign cycle. Zi Xin, General Manager of China, Chinese prescription, and the general manager of the vaccine said that in the past, innovative drugs have been approved from abroad to enter China, which may be up to five or six years, and use the important international exchange platform of the Expo, the landing speed of innovative drugs. The faster, this is the most vivid portrayal of China’s expansion and the most vivid Chinese strategy. For example, during the 2nd Imperial Influement of 2019, GlaxoSmike was approved by Sanlian Drugs for slow-resistant lung innovation therapy. Another biological agent for the treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus, its adult indications were approved in the eve of the second entrance, and children’s indications were approved within 1 month after the third session. "Only in the first half of this year, borrow the Expo Dongfeng, Roche achieved 10 new drugs and new indications in China," said Shu Xin, President of Roche Pharmaceutical, said that the Expo has become a world cooperation, mutual benefit "Gold Ribbon".

The clinical value of the Exhibition to innovate is fully released, further satisfying the undressed needs of Chinese patients. Meet more patient health needs, new drugs are not only used, but also to be used. The reporter learned from the Sanofi booth, a drug for the treatment of adults and heavy special dermatitis, after the "first show" in the first session, opened the "China Speed", which was approved 2 years more than the original plan. In 25 days, the hospital is implemented, and the listing is included in the national medical insurance.

  Xie Lijuan, General Manager of Sino-Philopter Pharmaceutical Division, said: "As a multinational pharmacter who participated in the Expo for four consecutive years, the Chinese government has witnessed the vigor of accelerating new drugs and promoting patient accessibility, which is very encouraged.

"It is worth mentioning that at the fourth-year entrance, the National Medical Insurance Bureau held an imported drug, medical consumables centralized signing ceremony, and purchased imported drugs and consumables more than 470 yuan. Novartis, Bayer, Sanfi, History Signed cooperation with foreign-funded enterprises in the medical insurance center, the national drug association office, and the national consumables and the national consumables, including the National Medical Insurance Bureau, has been negotiated, and the top five batch of national organized drug concentrated procurement Chinaled drugs, as well as the centralized heart bracket and artificial joints in the national organization. Zhang Ying, president of Novarta Pharmaceutical (China), which participated in the contract, I hope to cooperate with all parties to cooperate with all parties, and work together. Health challenge.

  What is expecting is that more innovative drugs in the future are not only "introduced", but will also be born with global achievements, or "go out" from China. The reporter learned from Novoord that a new hypoglycemic drug for type 2 diabetes treatment, four degrees participated in the fault, all the way to the literature exhibits, real exhibits into goods, listed in China in August this year. In addition, a global multi-country synchronous development of insulin injection has been initiated once in China, which has been launched in China, and the drug will be submitted to the "zero difference" at home and abroad. I hope that in the near future "appeared" Yes, "Fly to" the people around the people. With more and more foreign giants in China, there is a new kinetic energy into the "China, Hui Global". People from multinational pharmaceutists said that the fourth effort will further show the determination of China’s persistence to the outside world, and the achievements of global sharing economic and trade development, and they have also firmly determined their confidence in the Chinese market to help local innovation.

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