This time,A week’s vacation has been longer than two or three days。After Wang Youcai realized this,,Immediately drove to Chenzhuang。

the result is,Hu Huiru called on the first day at work,Liu Ying answered the call,This girl played a little watch,Said Wang Youcai went to the field,Ask her to call back when she comes back。
Maybe Hu Huiru found something,She doesn’t seem to call back。It’s like this anyway,Wang Youcai is not afraid anymore。
It’s busy enough to open a small clinic,Now if we start the hospital again,He is really too busy。Let it go,If he didn’t let him do it, he brought his own people back to Pingdu to work in the hospital.。
Think so,Wang Youcai’s relationship is getting better。He went to the field,Tian Wa and Liu Changgui are leading people to plant。Hu Huiru got some seeds for landscape trees from the south,Has been delivered now。Gave a rough estimate,Should be able to plant more than 20 mu of land。
When Tian Wa saw Wang Youcai’s return,Smiled and greeted him:“Brother Wang is back?”
“Ok!Since this kind of child is here,You have to plant it,Because this seeding is also time-sensitive”Wang Youcai and Tian Wa said a few words,Then greeted Liu Changgui,Went back to his office。
Busy negotiating in the city during this time,I’m really tired。Until now,Wang Youcai felt that Xia Jiante was not easy。You said a company as big as a venture group,There are so many items involved below。He actually got it all。
But he only opened a small hospital,He felt very right。If it weren’t for your second sister-in-law, Niu Huiling,,He really can’t do this。
He just lay in bed,The phone on the desk rang like eyes。Wang Youcai got up and grabbed the phone to take a look,It turns out that this call came from Hu Huiru。Wang Youcai couldn’t help but refreshed。
“Hey!Hello Mr. Hu”Be careful with Wang Youcai,Rush to ask。
Hu Huiru asked with a smile:“Where are you guys already,What’s the situation now?”
“Planting has already started!But the seeds of this batch are small,You can plant two or three acres without saying!But also fine seeds,So we can’t be too rushed in time”Wang Youcai is now smart。He understood these things clearly in advance,Just ask Hu Huiru,He can speak the truth。
Hu Huiru laughed when she heard it:“What you said is right,People tell me,About 20 acres。Of course,This thing is just an estimate。Since you want to seed,Then we need a survival rate”
“Correct!President Hu said well。I think our Spring Festival work,The most important thing is to cultivate。So Mr. Hu has good seedlings here,Or have good seeds,Just send back and forth,We plant it here”Wang Youcai is more and more able to speak。
Hu Huiru was really happy,She seems to have forgotten about calling Wang Youcai’s absence two days ago。She smiled and said:“now it’s right。As a manager,There must be a big picture。We don’t plant trees in spring,What to sell after autumn?This is the plan we have to do”
Hu Huiru and Wang Youcai chatted happily on the phone for a while,Hung up。Wang Youcai’s hanging heart was let go。
At dinner,Wang Youcai went to see Tian Wa and Liu Changgui again,Talked about the next thing。After understanding,Wang Youcai knew,This free land is almost 50 mu。what should I do?The ground cannot be idle,Otherwise it will be very troublesome。

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