Autonomous Region Government Development Research Center launched a lecture on the prevention of telecommunications financial fraud

In order to reduce the risk of telecom financial fraud, on October 16, 2020, the Party Branch of the Autonomous Region Government Development Research Center and the Party Committee of the People’s Livelihood of the People’s Livelings of Nanning City and the Party Committee of the East Community Party Committee to prevent telecommunications financial fraud propaganda lecture volunteer service activities.

The aforementioned event invited Zhu Yaohua, deputy captain of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of Nanning City Public Security Bureau, gave birth to the elderly.

Zhu captain used a typical case to conduct knowledge preaching, introduced the telecom financial fraud method and anti-fraud knowledge, and taught the "five do not" tricks in detail, that is, not greed, unfamiliar, not easy to borrow mobile phones, do not casually Lenten privacy, not blindly transferred.

In the lecture, Zhu captain also worked with a prize-winning knowledge, and the elderly were very enthusiastic and actively participated in the on-site interactive communication.

This anti-fraud knowledge lecture helped the elderly further enhanced anti-fraud awareness, improved anti-fraud, and play a good role in promoting the harmony and stability of building social civilization.

Source: Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region People’s Government Development Research Center (Editor: Chen Yan, Pang Guanhua).

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