He just packed,Wang Lin has come out。They walked out arm in arm like a couple。Then Xia Jian drove,Went to a Hunan restaurant。This is where Wang Lin is calling,Xia Jian had to follow her。

Because Xia Jian has to drive to the airport,So Wang Lin didn’t let the waiter serve wine。This lunch without alcohol was very comfortable。I’ve been eating for more than one hour,Under Xia Jian’s urging,Two people left the room。
After watching Wang Lin stop a car away,Xia Jian drove to the airport。The highway is smooth all the way,Xia Jian doesn’t have to worry,When he arrived, he found it was early before boarding time。He just remembered,You should call Luo。
The phone goes through,But Xia Jian can clearly hear it,Luo Yi on the phone is very unnatural。Xia Jian didn’t wait for her to speak,And said to Luo Yi:“I will arrive at 7 o’clock this eveningGZ.Come to the company tomorrow morning to see you,Repaid the money you borrowed”
“what?What are you saying 30 million?”Luo Yi asked in surprise。
Xia Jianying said:“Correct!I’ll trouble you to ventilate Mr. Luo in advance。What’s wrong,Please wrap up”Not what it used to be,So Xia Jian was very polite。
“Not Xia Jian,I said the money has a three-year period,You don’t need to be so anxious。Do what you should do!”Luo Yi was a little worried on the phone。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“thank you for your kindness!I came out of my original company。So the money must be returned to you before I can leave”
“what!You left the original company?Why!”Luo Yi asked a little concerned。
Xia Jianchang sighed and said:“Long story,I can’t tell a sentence,Let’s talk after we meet。I’m at the airport now”
“Ok!Let’s talk about it after we meet,I let Ali pick you up”Luo Yi finished this sentence,Hung up before Xia Jian could speak。
Xia Jian understands Luo Yi’s meaning,That means Ali must come to pick him up,Let him go to her house,Nothing more。
If this matter is to be put before,Xia Jian is too happy,But now it’s different。Because if he didn’t guess wrong,Luo Yi has a famous flower,He is going to the Luo family,Isn’t it just let some people with ulterior motives gossip。
Xia Jian doing things,Always consider others first,Then think about yourself。He thought about it,Time passed by accident,The boarding notice came on the radio。
It’s relatively new to fly for the first time,But it’s a long time,If there is no one you know on the plane,That time was still very difficult。
Okay,When Xia Jian left Wang Lin,Wang Lin gave Xia Jian a modern business management,Let him take a good look。This time this book can come in handy。

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