Party history in the art works Episode 66 "Chunlei 1990 – Southern Township Enterprise Recruitment"

From "Shenghang" "New China Birth" to "Chunchao" "Boiling China", the program took more than 100 historical representative excellent artworks, using the beauty of the art, the spirit of the song.

Among them, this episode "Chunlei 1990 – Southern Southern Township Enterprise Recruitment" introduces the famous artists sealing the country’s creation of oil paintings.

Oil painting "Chunlei 1990– Southern Township Enterprise Recruitment" describes the era of recruitment of township enterprises under the background of reform and opening up. As the author of this work, Professor of China Academy of Fine Arts introduces: "I think there is no time in the time of the time. It is also no vitality. Therefore, in the creation, I have a typical environment of the characters, dress and the entire picture. Hard work.

As a ’70 after the painter, I am accompanied by the pace of reform and opening up, step by step to today. I borrowed this work to record personal history and save my memory for growth.


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