What should I do if I have a stroke?

What should I do if I have a stroke?

Stroke is a common disease in the elderly, which seriously threatens the safety of life in the elderly. This disease is seen in a sudden, so it is necessary to have certain first-aid measures.

  Stroke is a group of diseases with brain expansion and hemorrhagic injury as the main clinical manifestations, also known as stroke or cerebrovascular accident, with extremely high mortality and disability.

  If a sudden stroke occurs at home, family members must take first aid measures.

Sudden brain stroke should pay attention to first aid.

Strokes often occur at night, and the onset of illness is abrupt, often in minutes to hours, up to 1?
Three times the symptoms of brain damage reached a peak.

  If there is a sudden stroke, many people should be present, and the division of labor should be improved. Some people can seek help from the emergency center or nearby hospitals. The rest should do a good first aid after the onset of illness.

  If only one person is present, the patient should be arranged quickly and then rescued nearby.

Don’t leave the patient alone, go out and find someone for a long time, find a car, and miss the most precious first aid opportunity.

Some patients are killed because of the lack of timely first-aid stroke, incorrect care, handling will lead to the formation and development of stroke, plus clogging of the vomit or clothing is too tight, it is easy to cause suffocation.

Therefore, the method of first aid is also very important.

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