Could it be that I met a strange stranger who lives in seclusion?Where am i?Ding Kelan pondered,Must be calm,If he is bad,I met by accident,It seems that my life is temporarily safe。

A few insects flew in the air,Ye Xingkong immediately covered the insects with the net on his hand,Although I don’t know what’s the use,But watch the leaves and starry sky quickly capture。
Ding Kelan simply sat down,Leaning on the stone pier,“Huh~”,Ding Kelan found out that his back was injured,And touched the wound,Looks painful,No longer leaning on the stone pier。
But later,Ding Kelan has been sitting for a long time,Feeling a bit tired,Leaned one side against the stone pier,Got a nap。
the next day,Ding Kelan wakes up and looks up,Can’t see the top,Clouds and mist all around,Like a layer of tulle,Towering old trees,Crisscross,Extraordinarily lush,Among the lush foliage,Sometimes a few birds flop,Neighing and soaring through the valley。Some places around the ground are thick green grass,Some places are bare,There is a way to the river,Place to go,No grass。
Ding Kelan smells the scent of food,Touch your belly,Is already“Coo”Call。Looking at five meters away,What is the weirdo I saw yesterday making a fire。Ding Kelan braced and stood up,Struggling to walk over。
Ye Xingkong heard footsteps,Did not look back,Pretending not to hear anything,Still roasting wounded food。Next to it, washed shells are filled with red and tender food,Like the tail of a prawn“Essence”Dried shrimp。Ding Kelan swallows saliva,Salivating in the mouth and throat“Surge”。
Ding Kelan stood in front of Ye Xingkong,Staring at him roasting,No longer move:“what are you doing?This is where?”
Ye Xingkong put the shrimp-like food next to him in his mouth,Chewing,Eat with relish,And ignored him。
Ye Xingkong knocked on the shell,Making a gesture to let him eat。
Ding Kelan squatted down and took one and sent it to the entrance,Bite gently,The frowning eyebrows were immediately evacuated,One is not enough,Involuntarily took one and put it in the mouth,Bulging cheeks,Gobbled up,Happy expression,Looks delicious。
Two of you, I eat one bite at a time,until“CD”,Ding Keran hiccups,Just stopped。
but,Ding Kelan seems to have more meaning,Unremarkable food,Tastes natural and delicious。
I finally understand why this person will miraculously survive deep in the empty mountain。
Ding Kelan learned the appearance of Ye Xingkong,Asked:“Thank you for saving me,I think,I have fallen to the bottom of the cliff,If not you,I’ve long been crushed。”
Ye Xingkong ignored him。Only Ding Kelan asked and answered questions alone:“How do i call you,See your hair is yellow and white,Must be young,I call you senior。”
Ye Xingkong looked angry。

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The assistant was speechless,Quality is not good,Quantity to make up,Boss this mind,I can’t keep up。 “You immediately use the satellite phone to check and guess,Let him act immediately!In addition,High-speed chase,If