Bohai Bank Hangzhou Branch launched a pilot work of intelligence electricity refinement management

In order to further improve the level of safety production management and electric fire prevention and control level, the Hangzhou Bank of Bohai Bank has carried out the pilot work of smart refinement management in the near future, and the Xiaoshan Branch of the recent address in the jurisdiction, Yuhang Branch installed the intelligence monitoring management System, as a pilot for exploring the new intelligent technology project.

The Bohai Bank Hangzhou Branch is agreed with the design unit, replacing the traditional air open, avoiding repetitive investment, and achieving smart safety electricity upgrades. The intelligent electricity monitoring management system platform uses B / S architecture, hierarchical hierarchical control management: front-end network touch screen, used to control, get off work, receive, check the alarm information, alarm processing, and daily business maintenance. At the same time, through the deployment platform software in the bank management center, monitoring the personnel and the designated manager can check the real-time data of the front-end monitoring point through the safe power monitor management platform real-time, receive the alarm information, monitor the electricity situation, and find problems in time. Eliminate hidden dangers, effectively achieve electricity remote intelligent management and fine management.

The smart use of electricity monitoring management system utilizes the equipment free grouping, remote configuration electricity programs, and realizing the effectiveness of remote intelligent management and refined management of electricity: First, the electrical circuit control.

The discharge of the partitioned partition related alarm system is powered down. According to the electric circuit use and load of the business agency, take the design principle of "multi-circuit, small current", and divide the network circuit into a 24-hour work loop, 8 hours work loop, high power Equipment and loop independent settings; the other is to monitor early warning control in real time the electricity line. Including overload monitoring, abnormal monitoring, temperature monitoring, and leakage monitoring, setting early warning and breakage value, by real-time monitoring current change, fluctuating in current intensity and high frequency, when system monitoring reaches the set value, warning or power off, Preventing the socket insertion and electricity equipment, high-strength high frequency fire, avoiding fire; third is to reduce the pressure of on-site review.

Through the video monitoring front end, the auxiliary judgment of the alarm is reduced, reducing the number of on-site police review, thereby reducing the fire resource pressure. In the next stage, the Hangzhou Branch of the Bohai Bank will gradually improve the safety electricity system of the outlets of the outlets, from intelligent management, safety electricity and energy saving, three major themes, three major topics, three major topics, intelligent management, electricity, energy saving, electricity saving , Make full use of intelligent, information technology, combination of scientific management, comprehensive management, electricity, safe electricity, ensuring personal, property is not threatened by safety hazards, ensuring safe and stable operation of the whole line. (Ni Qingnan) (Editor: Guo Yang, Dai Qian).

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