China Railway Construction · Guiyang International City and Neighborhood Activity Center is officially opened

Photosynthetic neighborhood activity center. China Railway Construction Real Estate Guizhou Company is for map "Previously, the cultural and sports team in the community did not have a fixed activity location. They can only choose the rehearsal of the open-air square, the corridor, and parking lot. It is not only inconvenient, but there is still a certain safety hazard, but now there is finally there. A safe, warm event place … "On November 17th, China Railway Construction, Guiyang International City and Neighborhood Activity Center and the Light and Roof Gardens were officially opened, and the international city F group residents Zhang Meili said excitedly.

Light and neighborhood activity center and the roof garden building area of ??about 1400 square meters, 7 million, which are included in China Railway Construction Real Estate Guizhou Company.

The event center covers multifunctional classrooms, vocal rooms, musical instruments, dance rooms, paintings and calligraphy, chess rooms, etc., built a leisure, art place between neighborhoods. Li Li’an, general manager of China Railway Construction Real Estate, said that as a central enterprise, China Railway Construction Real Estate Guizhou Company actively responded to local policies, investing a large amount of funding has built the iron construction medical center, light and owners canteen, light and community micro busy bus, etc. Limin facilities, in the depth, participate in the construction of "two three reforms in Guiyang", which is committed to enhancing the masses to gain, happiness, and safe sense. Li Lu’an said, the next step, the company will continue to do a good job in Guiyang International Equestrian Movement Center, Guiyang International Fashion Release Center, Guang and Owners Library, Drum Waiter, etc., so that community residents enjoy urban development The bonus brought to make the community more harmonious. (Dragon Chapter 榆) (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Share Let more people see the recommended reading.

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