Changsha Yaichi Middle School held a 115th anniversary celebration of the establishment school

115th Anniversary Celebration Performance in Yali Middle School.

Yaichi Middle School is designed by Changsha, on October 30th, Yue Jun, Xiang Qing, String songs, Ya Ru, rhyme, finger. This morning, Yaichi Middle School held an 115th anniversary celebration of the establishment of the school.

Jiang Changzhong, Party Secretary of the Hunan Provincial Department of Education, Secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, member of the Party Group of the Hunan Provincial Department of Education, Wang Jianhua, deputy director of the Provincial Party Committee, Vice Mayor Liu Ming, Changsha Municipal Education Bureau Party Committee Secretary , Director Sun Changgui, Changsha Yuhui District Committee Secretary Liu Suyue and other leaders, brothers school representatives, alumni council representatives, alumni representatives attended.

Fort-fifth year, it is precisely Fenghua Zhengmao; a hundred fifteen years, education is a good job. Yali Middle School is a banner of basic education in Changsha. It is a business card in the red couch.

In the past 115, the school has adhered to the school motto of "Good Duty", inheriting the heavy Ya Li traditional culture, adheres to the cultivation of students to improve the physical and beautiful personality, cultivating the pounds of life, and has cultivated more than 100 million outstanding graduates, excellent talents Can Ruratthe, It has made important contributions to Hunan and national construction for the development of education. At the celebration, the Yaichi Middle School President Liu Wei’s speech, and the 115 years of the Ya given the 115 years. He said that standing in a new historical starting point, Ya gives more confidently facing the future, echoing innovative talents with a personal education of Fun, echoing the students’ comprehensive and personally developing, echoing the great journey of the new era. After that, Lei Jianjun, secretary of the Party Committee of the Yaichi Middle School, read the "Changsha Municipal People’s Government".

"Education is the two-way flow of the heart, the teacher’s role is not only to teach knowledge, enlighten the wisdom, but also in Lidshu people, moist soul." In the celebration, Jiang Changzhong is fully affirmed by Yali Middle School always put Li Dehu people In the core position, persist in the educational concept of people-oriented educated people. He said that Yaichi Middle School should continue to carry forward the fine tradition, adhere to "five education" and promote the healthy development of students, vigorously develop quality education, and strive to achieve new leaps in the development of schools, to implement "three high four new" strategy, construction modernization New Hunan contributes education. The historical voyage is magnificent, and the times are in the times.

Yali Middle School walked over the brilliant 115 years, in the face of the new journey of education development, all the teachers and students of Yali said that the 115th anniversary is an opportunity, with the vast number of alumni and society, the unity, unity and cooperation The mission, for the party’s education, for the national training, in order to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. (李如心) (Editor: Luo Shuai, Tang Li Wei) Sharing let more people see the client download.

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