Li Ming found a grasshopper in his mouth,Almost didn’t fried hair—Li Ming found his body,It’s really a small furry animal。

By his will,Just a few breaths,Sober up。
“This is illusion?!”interesting,The virtual universe is much rougher than it。
Surround for a few weeks,Found nothing interesting,Even the whole world is very small,He is the only wise creature。
“give me。。broken!”Li Ming’s Will Cohesion,Fill this space。
Under the will of the true god,The surrounding illusory world produces cracks that cover the whole world,Mountain Peak、Broken Sword、Rivers and so on are all broken。
“This is the will of the master of the universe?The will of the true god!”Long Shanjun brows shaking,But I feel better。
Li Ming,Tearing apart the fantasy world of the narrow valley,But fell into the illusion of the second level。
“Second level illusion,It is actually a medieval town similar to a fantasy setting。”Li Ming is a little speechless:“This illusion,Should guide my memory formation,Otherwise this kind of world will appear。。。Let’s take a tour first。”
The town of middle ages,Pretty dark,And there are even vampires in the dark、Evil creatures like werewolves。
Li Ming’s incarnation in fantasy,But he is a boy who has no power to bind a chicken,All the laws in this fantasy world are useless,But with pure marksmanship,Li Ming strangled many dark creatures。
Then the night of the full moon,He was the master behind the dark creatures—Priest chased。
Looking at the torn wound between the chest and abdomen,And a group of church assassins who were beheaded,Li Ming’s will burst,Tore apart this fantasy world。
“Fifth illusion。。。It’s actually a martial arts world,Kind of interesting。Wait for me to hold a big gun,Crotch horse,Traveling in Kyushu。”
“372nd floor illusion,It’s actually driving up to black technology。。。Humph,It’s a false world,Cowards play with robots,Real men fight with their bodies!”Looking at huge robots four or five meters tall,Li Ming, who turned into a poor boy, said bitterly。
“Really fragrant!”
Even Li Ming didn’t pay attention,His mentality is slowly changing,From the test of inheritance to a sense of playfulness。
“One thousand six hundred and thirteenth floor illusion,Super Heroes vs. Super Villains,And the director of the Universe Family Planning Office。。。Really interesting!”Li Ming, who became a superhero, smashed a spaceship attacking the earth with one punch,I sighed in my heart。

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