Authentic Russian Alliance Relationship

Xinhua News Agency, Moscow, May 31 (International Observation) Passenger Aircraft Incident Increases the Russian League Relationship Xinhua News Agency President Lukin President President Putin and Bai Russian President Luchenka meet with the Russian Beach City Sochi, discussion Irish Rui’an Airlines Processes such as emergency landing in the white environment and Russian bilateral cooperation.

Analysts believe that in the context of Belarus, the Russian-white head of state will discuss the development of the program and the relationship between the program and the two countries, showing the unity of the two sides, indicating that the pressure of the West will only make the Russian white alliance relationship more firm.

In the Russian, Lukakhenko introduced the situation of Ryan Airlines flights in the white emergency landing, which said that Western countries have difficulty understanding. Putin expressed support to Lukashenko, and the reaction of Western countries responded to this matter "one emotional outbreak".

The Belarusian Radio and Television Company reported that the President of the two countries was the same as most of the issues including passenger events and Western countries.

According to white media reports, Ruian Airlines passed on May 23 because of the bomb threat emergency in Minsk International Airport.

Western media said that Bai Fang said that there may be bombs on the passenger plane and dispatched the fighter "forced" passenger aircraft to land in Minsk, and then arrested the Machinery Reporter Roman Paltasevich. The 27 members of the EU issued a statement on May 24, strongly condemning the practice of Belarus, indicating that the necessary measures will prohibit the Blanc Shipping Flying over EU countries. The British and other countries also point the spear head to Russia, accusing that the Russian party is involved in the scene or at least the result.

President President President Perzov believes that "fear Russian compulsory disorder" makes the West unable to evaluate the status, and insisted on accusing Russia on everything. For the Western flight ban, Russian President agreed to increase the flight between the company in Russian, to ease their operational pressure. The Russian Federal Air Transportation issued a statement on May 28 that airlines have been informed of flights from the EU countries to Russia, and if they have a long-term political storm, Russia may take longer to approval.

In addition, Putin also agreed to provide the second batch of $ 500 million in loans to Bai.

Peskov said on May 29 that the White will receive this loan before the end of June this year.

This is part of the $ 1.5 billion loan provided by Russian promise to white last year. White has won the first $ 500 million loan in October last year.

In the face of the continuous increase in the West, Russia is increasingly understanding between the two countries. In the case of Russian relations, Belarus became the only reliable allies and strategic barriers in Eastern Europe in Eastern Europe.

Russian political analysts Presman said that the stability of Belarus is an important factor affecting Russian security. Consolidating alliance analysts believe that in many years, Belarus over the clip of the West and Russian geopolitical games, it also tries to maintain close relationship with Russia, also tries to develop relations with Western countries to maximize national interests.

However, last year’s Presidential elections have triggered large-scale protests in China. The European and American family has a white opposition, causing the relationship between white and Western relationship. At the same time, the Russian-direction white government provides strong support to make Russia relations more tight.

Not long ago, Russian Bai International Safety Departments also jointly setback together to try to overthrow the white government and assassinate Lucashenko’s coup, plus the Russian party’s incident after the passenger plane, and these factors are superimposed, meaning Russian The white alliance will be more secure.

It is worth paying that Russia has always hoped to further integrate with the white party to achieve true sense.

In Russia’s view, the recent event and the West’s constant increase in Russia seem to provide more power to the integration process of the two countries.

The First Vice President of the Russian National Duma CIS, Wardlazki believes that the results of Russian Presidential Talks, Russia will not give up Belarus in difficult circumstances, and the Russian white integrated road map is now required to implement Russia.

Belarus commentator Alekse Bizeman said, Western countries tried to use the passenger aircraft emergency to reduce pressure, and even wanted to destroy Russian relations.

In this case, the necessity of strengthening the depth integration of the two countries is prominent.

However, Luchenko said before visiting Russia, Russia is the brothers of Belarus, and two independent sovereignty countries can establish a powerful relationship and unified system.

Russia does not need to find trouble to include Belarus into the Russian map, because this will lead to sanctions in Western countries. (Participate in the reporter: Wei Zhongjie, Li Jia, Sun Ping) (Editor: Yu Yang, Liu Ye Ting) Sharing let more people see.

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